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i reviewed all my physics today and started going through organic chem. Holy molay. its a lot of shit to learn.
As for history of africa, i think i have decided to draw the map. one of our questions on the final gives us a choice between an essay or drawing a map of africa, labelling all the countries and then labeling the colonial power which as in charge of it, this can be different depending on the time frame, so one must make that apparant.
anyways, i think at this point, maybe some rote memory could be easier than some deep understanding. i think there is more of a chance of getting the questions absolutely correct if i draw the map, because right and wrong is ever so clear.
I wonder how many times ill have to draw africa...did you know there are like 54 countries? Apparently my knowledge of africa geography came from risk. i thought it was just egypt, congo, south africa and madagascar. This isn't true however.
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